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Apple trees age like people do. We can live years, but we reach our prime at around 25 years. Pruning an old tree will lead to higher yields and much better quality fruit, but your tree is still old. It’s nice to have a tree with character and charm in the backyard, but it doesn’t hurt to have a young and productive tree nearby. Jan 31, Apple Tree Recovery – Pruning & how to revive an old tree When we moved here some years back we were presented with quite a wilderness. The house was just about to reach at least its second dereliction in as many decades and the garden was in need of some serious help to try and bring it back to some semblance of stumpcutting.buzzted Reading Time: 3 mins.

Pruning an old apple - the main stage of rejuvenation. The next stage is cutting the tops of the tree. If the tree starts to rise to the sky, this will cause not only the difficulty in harvesting, but also reduce the number of fruits on the tree and their size because of the fact that most of the nutrients will be given to the growth of the branches.

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an old, neglec Fruiting wood lacks visor and is too densc for good fruit quality. R.L. Stebbins and J. Olsen This neglected apple tree is 24 feet tall and has a spread of 24 feet (only half the tree is shown).

Because the trunk is fairly solid and the tree is basically healthy, it can be restored. Careful pruning over a period of years will be File Size: KB. Ways to rejuvenate an old apple tree. Signs of aging. The primary visible signs of apple aging become noticeable when it reaches 30 years of age. However, skeletal branches begin to lose fruiting processes much earlier, starting from the peripheral region. Subsequently, their growth is noticeably reduced, the processes begin to die off en masse.

Old, abandoned or semi-abandoned apple trees occur throughout Michigan. Often the cultivars are very old and are no longer grown commercially. Many of them, however, if properly managed, could produce good fruit for use by homeowners for fresh eating or for processing into applesauce, apple jelly, apple butter or cider.

Apr 13, The grand old apple tree, my favorite, has contributed hundreds of apples to our harvest this year.

I have no way of knowing how much longer it will last because the trunk is still hollow and feeble looking, but this year was a bumper crop. Anyone with an ancient apple tree, or even just an old one, should make an effort to try and rejuvenate it.

Mar 16, You may want to keep an old tree for the beauty it ads to your garden or for sentimental reasons, in this case there is more to consider than just fruit yield.

Reasons for renovating old trees include: 1.

Reasons for renovating old trees include: 1. To enhance their appearance in the landscape. 2. To restore an old tree with sentimental value. 3. To get better quality fruit.