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Look at the overall shape and balance of the tree.

Harvest all the fruit prior to pruning. The best time to prune your citrus is after fruiting in spring. In frost free regions, pruning can be done at any time of year, including winter. However in frost prone areas avoid pruning in winter because this will push soft new growth that hasn’t had time to harden off, and it will be damaged by frost. First Fresh - Pruning Citrus Trees Page 4 Topping is done mechanically to reduce tree height. Topping is normally undertaken after harvest.

If done in late spring or summer topping can result in unwanted vigorous upright growth.

Be sure the lemon tree is not touching anything else where the ants can find their way across and avoid the grease barrier.

It is best to top trees in winter. Topping is the most invigorating form of pruning. Jul 02, Our Expert Agrees: It's best to prune lemon trees in the early spring before new growth has started. That way, as the growing season starts, the tree will Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins. Feb 04, Although it is not necessary to prune your lemon tree, it allows for more healthy growth to begin and keeps the weight 20181 Nokesville VA old, dead branches from stunting the tree. Start pruning at the end of winter or the beginning of spring, before new buds begin to bloom.

Otherwise prune at anytime of the year. Prune established trees when, or immediately after, picking the fruit. Mature trees need to be pruned only to maintain shape, remove crossing branches or any diseased or damaged wood. Lemon trees occasionally produce strong upright stems that need to be taken out.". Oct 12, There are several factors that determine the best time to prune a lemon tree, among them the most important is the age of citrus.

In young trees, operations aimed at achieving a good formation can be carried out at any time, provided there is no danger of low temperatures. If an important branch has to be suppressed, it will always be done in spring, if we had to intervene in an important branch in.

When is the best time to prune? Depending on the climate, people prune during spring or autumn. Baby lemon trees aren’t encouraged to bear fruit until they're older.

Young lemon trees are pruned as often as needed to shape their structural framework. For mature lemon trees, the best time to prune is after every harvest once or twice a year. Prune if you need to for either a desired shape, to remove any diseased stems, or to improve air circulation.

Remember leaves are the life of the tree, so don’t cut unnecessarily, particularly before the tree has matured. If you are pruning avoid September/October as you run the risk of lemon tree borer laying eggs in the fresh cuts.