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Jun 22, Since these durable shrubs need little care in the way of soil and nutrients, forsythia pruning is a chore that can easily be done annually. With diligent trimming, forsythia can be kept from the overgrown sprawl that is a common complaint. May 22, Avoid pruning your forsythia when the plant is years old. Young forsythias need little to no pruning. Only when they mature should you prune them once a year%. Feb 11, To trim forsythia branches, you’ll need hand tools for a variety of branch sizes, such as a bypass pruner, lopper, pruning saw, power pruning saw, and long-handled bypass pruner.

They should be clean and sharp to make smooth cuts, inhibit the spread of disease in the garden, and reduce the risk of personal injury. Jan 03, This involves cutting between ¼ and 1/3 of the oldest stems to the ground; do this every year.

Focus on stems that are damaged, trailing on the ground, crossing, or look out of place. Be sure to always take a few of the larger stems out of the center of the shrub. Dec 31, It may die. So there is a bit of risk with forsythia rejuvenation pruning. You can rejuvenate your forsythia every three to five years. Forsythia plants are happy plants. They tell us spring is here or at least just around the corner. Take care of them and they will bring you years of spring time happiness.

The new shoots are thin and very straight and grow very quickly.

May 03, Forsythia blooms on old wood, so pruning too late will cut off the flower buds that formed earlier in the year. Annual pruning is a good idea to keep the shrub manageable in size. All good intentions aside, sometimes this just doesn’t happen and you end up with a huge shrub that has taken over. Removal of one-quarter to one-third of the older stems every other summer keeps the forsythia healthy and in good form so it can flower reliably each year.

Cut out these older stems, which have already flowered, at their base where they emerge from the ground or main stem. Apr 16, They don’t freeze back in central CA as they might in the northern plains.

But will prune back occasionally to semi-train the bush.

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My plants are cuttings from my mother’s unpruned huge bush from around and my daughter has cuttings/tip plants from my bushes. I do enjoy your newsletter and all the effort you have put into it. Thank you. Oct 23, My Forsythia Has Died, Should I Cut it Back to the Ground? Wildly unkempt and vibrantly yellow, forsythias (Forsythia x intermedia) are one of. Apr 12, Forsythia shrubs are hardy bushes that are easy to grow and a real show stopper in early spring when their yellow flowers tell us that the warm weather is on the way.

With some normal pruning practices, the bushes will delight year after year. Check out this article for more information on forsythia talks about pruning, transplanting, forcing and other.